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Tate and His Super Hear-O Cape

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Publisher: Bachmond, LLC

Publication Date: February 13, 2023

Language: English

Pages: 28 pages

ISBN-13: 979-8218154318
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This book describes a little boy's journey adapting to being born with hearing loss. The story follows a young man, Tate, who learns to use hearing aids and later a cochlear implant. Along the way, we learn of his struggles of living in a hearing world. The book outlines all of the steps that he and his family have taken to face these challenges. The book strives to educate in hopes that the reader learns more about children with hearing impairments and how they can find success.


"This sweet story accurately depicts the journey of one child’s struggle with hearing loss and how a cochlear implant changes his life. It gives a true glimpse into Tate’s life and the challenges he has faced and will continue to face. It is sure to be a teaching tool for children on empathy and accepting people with differences. I would highly recommend as a family or classroom must-have!"-

By Lori W

"This is a fantastic book to have & read as a family! Helps kids (and adults) learn more about the challenges of hearing loss. Enjoyed reading about Tate’s journey leading up to and following his cochlear implant. Loved the simplicity of the story line, especially for kids to understand! A must have for all!!"

By Krista A

"This book shares Tate’s journey of hearing loss and receiving his cochlear implant. It is beautifully written and illustrated so that both children and adults can enjoy it! I’m so excited to have this book in my classroom library and at home to bring awareness to all!"

By Amazon Customer

"This book was amazing !! I love how it opens our eyes to see life through someone who has hearing loss. Also loved how it tells us about Tate’s journey. This book touched my heart in so many ways. What a brave little boy !!"

By Mrs. T

"This book is great for a child who is getting ready to prepare for a cochlear implant! It is also an incredible tool to educate other children and adults who aren't familiar with cochlear implants. This can help educate them in a child friendly way, rather than using large medical terminology. I loved this book!"

By Sarah J.

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