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Praises from Tate and His Super Hear-O Cape


An inspiration to all who read.

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"Such a sweet book! It's a must read for others that are on their journey of getting a cochlear. As well to showing others what his journey was like."

- Brad H



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"First book I've read in 15 years.... So good!!"

- Jacob S.


Great Children’s Book

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"It’s a great book to raise awareness from the eyes of a young child going through his early years being deaf and adjusting to receiving a cochlear implant!! A must read!"

- Mark S.


Great Book!

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"Great story about a special kid!"

- Alheding

About the Authors

Marylin Leinenbach is an Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Indiana State University. She is the recipient of the Disney American Teacher Award in mathematics. She has taught math for 51 years and still has the passion for mathematics and the love of teaching.

Anne Raymond is a Professor of Mathematics at Bellarmine University. She has graduate degrees in both mathematics and mathematics education. Her early research focused on beliefs about mathematics. She has written mathematics “micro-books” for K-12 classroom instruction.

More on Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power

Tate’s Mom Becky, Tate, and Marylin reading the book to 500 students and staff at Ireland Elementary in Ireland Indiana

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